In a world of global communications and far-reaching technologies, schools face many challenges to equip children for life in the 21st century. New approaches to learning and teaching skills and advance management practices are required to meet the educational needs of students. Provision of Hardware to educational institutions can facilitate them in equipping students to face emerging challenges. It is in this pretext USF is implementing a project of setting up Computer Labs in Sweet Homes & Educational Institutions


    The project is being carried out at 13 locations across Pakistan. There are 12 Sweet Home sites spread across 4 provinces and one Educational institution in Punjab. Each of the 12 Sweet Homes are being provided with a fully furnished computer lab, whereas the Education Institution is only being provided with computers. The Sweet homes and Educational Institution have been selected in consultation with Federal Ministry of Information Technology and concerned departments.


    Pakistan Sweet Home (Orphanage) is an institution devoted to take care of children whose parents either one or both are deceased. Pakistan Sweet Homes (Orphanage) provide care, housing and education to those children. There are more than 3000 children residing in sweet homes across Pakistan. The Board of Directors of USF decided to provide these children with the state of art ICT facilities. The aim of the project is to provide equitable learning opportunities and a conducive environment to children living in Sweet Homes so that they can be transformed into useful citizens and become part of the global village.



    Current Status:

    Implementation phase has been completed and payment of MS1, MS2 and MS3 has been made.