Optic Fiber Project

USF aims to promote development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served rural areas of Pakistan to make available and affordable, the voice telephony and basic data services, throughout the length and breadth of the country. This requires also the establishment of a stable and reliable Optic Fiber Network in all corners of the country. This project aims to extend the Optic Fiber connectivity to the un-served Tehsil HQs in Pakistan, for meeting the growing requirements of Voice, Data and Video in these areas.

There were around 400 Tehsils in the country and presently 30% Tehsils did not have any fiber connectivity. Extending fiber cables to all Tehsils will help the telecom service providers in extending all kinds of telecom services to those areas. It is like building information motor-ways to all Tehsils.


(For larger view click on the picture)

(For larger view click on the picture)

Follwoing are the objectives to be achieved through the Optic Fiber Project:

Facilitating ICTs like:
  1.  Basic Telephony (GSM, WLL, Wired) especially for very remote areas like Chaghi Balochistan
  2.  Broadband (wired and wireless)
  3.  Tele-centers
  4.  Tele-medicine
  5.  E-services for AIOU, Nadra, Post Office
High capacity to carry all different types of ICT Traffic e.g. Voice, data, video etc.
Improving the ICT services in rural areas, thereby help in bridging the digital divide.
Availability of Optical Fiber Backbone  to all commercial telecom operators and non commercial government organizations which will help expand ICT services to far flung areas, reduce its cost and increase ICT Penetration.
Provideing high quality back haul services for rural Broadband and up-coming next generation services such as 3G etc. 


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