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Raja Pervaiz Ashraf applauds the success of Universal Service Fund


Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Federal Minister for Information Technology has said that during the present government’s tenure, telecom sector has achieved unparalleled success and its benefits are being passed on to the people of Pakistan. He also mentioned that the business centric policies, which take into account the market demands and challenges, are open and consistent, and have created an encouraging environment for healthy business activities in the sector. He further said that the success of telecom sector in our country is now recognized all over the world and Pakistan has emerged as an example for other emerging telecom markets. He also emphasized that it was now essential to pursue a futuristic approach to achieve sustainable growth for the sector.
He lauded the efforts made by Universal Service Fund for proliferation of telecom services in the country. While talking to the media he was of the view that the prime objective of the government to allocate funds out of Universal Service Fund, which consists of contributions of licensed telecom service providers, is to provide most modern services to the Pakistanis living in smaller towns and cities where this facility would not have come for another 3 to 5 years. He explained that it was the endeavor of the government to bring all parts of the country at par with each other. He added that it was part of the same effort that thousands of kilometers of Optic Fiber Cables were being laid all over the country which is going to be followed by deployment of Broadband networks there also.
It is noteworthy to mention here that USF has made vast progress under the present Government. In Rural Telecom Programme, USF has provided basic telephony and data services in more than 3,600 unserved muzas. Broadband services have been provided in 256 new 2nd and 3rd tier cities/towns along with providing more than 400,000 broadband connections while establishing more than 1000 Educational Broadband centers (EBCs) and 300 community Broadband centers (CBCs). Under Optic Fiber Programme, more than 4,200 kms of new optic fiber cable has been laid to connect 58 un-served tehsils and towns. To take broadband internet to the villages, USF has launched another Program namely establishment of Universal Telecenters (UTCs). With these achievements, USF has created a success story for the public-private partnership entities nationally and internationally.
At the end, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf met the staff of USF and appreciated the company’s setup. He was proud of the progress of company and wished them all the best in the future.