23/02/2017: FINANCE MINISTER WITNESSES CONTRACT AWARD CEREMONY REGARDING MOBILE BROADBAND INTERNET/ 3G SERVICES IN KOHISTAN       22/02/2017: USF to set up ten telecentres countrywide       02/01/2017: Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization; Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar Witnesses the Signing Ceremony of a Contract worth Rs 2.3 Billion Awarded By Universal       22/11/2016: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 49TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USFCO       16/11/2016: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 48TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USFCO       09/09/2016: Contracts Signed to take Telecom Services to Far Flung areas       18/08/2016: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 46TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USFCO       03/08/2016: Minister of State for IT and Telecom Chaired 45th Board of Directors Meeting of USFCo       31/03/2016: Minister of State for IT and Telecom Chaired 43rd Board of Directors' Meeting of USF Co.       29/11/2015: Minister for Information Technology Mrs. Anusha Rehman announces special IT labs for Girls to provide technology training.       22/09/2015: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 42ND BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO.       14/09/2015: CONTRACTS WORTH RS. 8.76 BILLION IN TOTAL AWARDED BY UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND TO TELENOR & UFONE       10/06/2015: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 39TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO.       15/05/2015: MINISTER OF IT AND TELECOM MS. ANUSHA RAHMAN CHAIRED 38TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO       25/04/2015: Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar approves release of funds for USF Telecentres       19/02/2015: Contract worth Rs 1.9 billion awarded by USF to Telenor       22/01/2015: Minister for IT & Telecom Ms. Anusha Rahman Chaired 37th Board of Director’s Meeting       19/11/2014: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM Ms. ANUSHA RAHMAN CHAIRED 36TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING       17/07/2014: Universal Service Fund disburses record amount subsidy of Rs. 4.2 Billion in FY 2013-14       18/04/2014: USF organizes Workshop on Broadband       26/03/2014: Federal Minister for Finance lauds USF Telecentre Programme       30/12/2013: Minister for IT and Telecom Ms. Anusha Rahman Chaired 33rd Board of Directors Meeting       27/12/2013: Consultative session held with telecom operators regarding establishment of Telecentres       24/12/2013: USF awards contracts to provide broadband services in RTR and NTR-1       09/12/2013: Telecenters would be established to provide E-services to unprivileged people of rural areas: Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister of State for IT       28/11/2013: Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan paid a surprise visit to the Fiber Optic Route of Chirah-Lehtrar-Kotli Sattian here on Thursday.       23/10/2013: Minister of State for IT & Telecom Chairs Meeting Regarding Telecenters       18/09/2013: Minister of State for IT and Telecom Chaired 32nd Board of Director’s Meeting       12/07/2013: Achievements of USF       05/07/2013: Minister of State for Information Technology Ms Anusha Rahman Khan while chairing a board meeting of Universal Service Fund      
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Quotations are invited for the supply of stationery and miscellaneous store items to meet the requirements of the Universal Service Fund, Islamabad for the financial year 2012-2013.  List of items required can be obtained from the undersigned by submitting an application with a copy of Sales Tax Registration, NTN Registration and Professional Certificate within 5-working days (Monday - Friday).

Interested firms/suppliers, meeting the following conditions, may send their quotations in sealed envelopes clearly mentioned on top (right corner) as “Tender for Stationery & Miscellaneous Store Items” separately.

Last date for submission of the tender document will be June 14, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. and will be opened on the same day at 11:30 a.m. by the Procurement Committee of USF in the presence of bidders and/or their authorized representatives at the USF’s Office, 5th Floor, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
The advertisement can be found on PPRA website ( and on USF website (

Terms & Conditions:-

•    The bidders must provide proof of NTN registration, registration with the Sales Tax Department, Quote their Sales Registration Number and supply against the prescribed sales tax invoices showing amount of sales tax.  The firms should have at least 1-year experience in the respective field and necessary proof for such services rendered by them to any Government Department is required to be attached.
•    The bidders will provide samples of items duly stamped and signed with their quotations where applicable. Non provision of any sample of the items would lead to non-consideration of that item in the bid.
•    The firms/suppliers will arrange transportation of the bid items to the USF premises, at 5th Floor, HBL Tower, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, at no additional cost throughout the year.
•    Only sealed bids will be accepted and opened.  Use of white fluid or over writing will not be acceptable.
•    Bids will remain valid up-to 30-06-2013 from the date of acceptance. Bidders will be required to submit P.O./Demand Draft of Rs. 25,000/- in favor of Universal Service Fund for Stationery & Misc store items as earnest money, along with their bids.
•    The same earnest money will be considered as performance security in case of successful bidders which will remain with USF for the entire period of contract i.e. one year. The successful bidders will be bound to supply all approved items as per approved rates throughout the financial year failing which their performance security deposits will be forfeited and the firm will be declared ineligible to participate in future USF tender(s) and procurement(s). This may also result in permanently or temporarily blacklisting the firm from participating in any tender under PPRA rules.
•    Selected firms on the basis of lowest evaluated bids will submit invoices against supplies on monthly & quarterly basis. Payments will be made within seven days of receipt of commercially correct invoice.
•    Payment will be subject to deduction of withholding taxes as per government rules applicable at the time of payment.
•    USF may reject all bids at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid.


Universal Service Fund
5th Floor, Habib Bank Tower
Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad
Tele: 051-9212308-09
Fax: 051-9214261