29/11/2015: Minister for Information Technology Mrs. Anusha Rehman announces special IT labs for Girls to provide technology training.       22/09/2015: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 42ND BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO.       14/09/2015: CONTRACTS WORTH RS. 8.76 BILLION IN TOTAL AWARDED BY UNIVERSAL SERVICE FUND TO TELENOR & UFONE       10/06/2015: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM CHAIRED 39TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO.       15/05/2015: MINISTER OF IT AND TELECOM MS. ANUSHA RAHMAN CHAIRED 38TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING OF USF CO       25/04/2015: Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar approves release of funds for USF Telecentres       19/02/2015: Contract worth Rs 1.9 billion awarded by USF to Telenor       22/01/2015: Minister for IT & Telecom Ms. Anusha Rahman Chaired 37th Board of Director’s Meeting       19/11/2014: MINISTER OF STATE FOR IT AND TELECOM Ms. ANUSHA RAHMAN CHAIRED 36TH BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING       17/07/2014: Universal Service Fund disburses record amount subsidy of Rs. 4.2 Billion in FY 2013-14       18/04/2014: USF organizes Workshop on Broadband       26/03/2014: Federal Minister for Finance lauds USF Telecentre Programme       30/12/2013: Minister for IT and Telecom Ms. Anusha Rahman Chaired 33rd Board of Directors Meeting       27/12/2013: Consultative session held with telecom operators regarding establishment of Telecentres       24/12/2013: USF awards contracts to provide broadband services in RTR and NTR-1       09/12/2013: Telecenters would be established to provide E-services to unprivileged people of rural areas: Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister of State for IT       28/11/2013: Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan paid a surprise visit to the Fiber Optic Route of Chirah-Lehtrar-Kotli Sattian here on Thursday.       23/10/2013: Minister of State for IT & Telecom Chairs Meeting Regarding Telecenters       18/09/2013: Minister of State for IT and Telecom Chaired 32nd Board of Director’s Meeting       12/07/2013: Achievements of USF       05/07/2013: Minister of State for Information Technology Ms Anusha Rahman Khan while chairing a board meeting of Universal Service Fund       20/05/2013: USF celebrates World Telecom and Information Society Day 2013       11/04/2013: The Minister of IT visits Universal Service Fund.      
Company Profile

Universal Service Fund was established by the Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Information Technology) to spread the benefits of the telecom revolution to all corners of Pakistan. Universal Service Fund promotes the development of telecommunication services in un-served and under-served areas throughout the length and breadth of the country.

The fund consists of contributions (1.5% of adjusted revenues) by the Telecom Operators with no Government funding involved. To utilize this fund for achievement of the targets, it was decided to follow a Corporate Model. This led to establishment of Universal Service Fund (USF) Company under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. Universal Service Fund (USF) has an independent Board of Directors equally balanced between four members from the government and four from the private sector (industry and consumers).

 The structure of USF Company is first of its kind in Pakistan and a Corporate Model is being followed for achieving the targets set for the company in USF policy. USF Company has an independent and diversified Board of Directors which is equally balanced between four members from the government and four from the private sector. CEO is the 9th director of the Board.

Given below is the composition of the board:

Public Sector Private Sector
Minister for Information Technology Nominee of fixed line licensees
Secretary Information Technology Nominee of mobile cellular licensees
Member Telecom, Ministry of IT Nominee of data licensees
Chairman of the Regulatory Authority Representative of consumer groups

                                                                   Chief Executive Officer-USF


The main objectives of Universal Service Fund (USF) are:

  • To bring the focus of telecom operators towards rural population and increase the level of telecom penetration significantly in the rural areas through effective and fair utilization of the fund.
  • To improve the Broadband penetration in the country.
  • To bring significant advances towards enhancement of e-services, both in rural as well as urban areas of the country.

Universal Service Fund (USF) finances spread of telecom services to previously un-served or under-served areas and makes it possible for licensed telecom operators to provide services to those areas, on normal commercial (read: competitive) terms. Telecom services include basic telephony, broadband internet, infrastructure for these services (like Optic Fiber) and Community Tele-centers (for those who cannot afford the necessary instruments/devices). Challenge before USF is to achieve the targets through an efficient and transparent competitive bidding process. Therefore, all disbursements of the fund are done through competitive bidding, encouraging full competition among telecom licensees.

The company was established in end-2006, it has been running and completed some of the Rural Telecom Projects in un-served areas (“Lots”), for which contracts have been signed with major telecom service providers in the country  for providing telecom services. These projects have been bearing fruits and telecom services have started in several lots.

The second program being followed is Broadband for Un-served Urban Areas. The Broadband Programme has been launched aiming at improving broadband penetration in those 2nd/3rd tier urban areas which are un-served from the Broadband perspective. Special emphasis is being paid to educational institutions, whereby the subsidy winners are required to set-up Computer Labs with Broadband in all the high-schools and colleges in their respective areas. The broadband programme is also giving boost to provision of other e-services like e-health, e-government, e-commerce etc.

The third programme aims to extend the reach of Optic Fiber Connectivity to un-served Tehsils. Extending fiber cables to Tehsils will help the telecom service providers in providing all kinds of telecom services to those areas. It is like building information motor-ways to all Tehsils.

Universal Service Fund (USF) has also launched special projects to establishTelecentres and Telemedicine Networks all over the country. These projects aim at introducing and promoting e-services in the country especially where availability of PCs and computer literacy are the main issues.

Universal Service Fund (USF) is also trying its bit to contribute in other fields. The Special project ‘ICT for persons with disabilities’ involves providing ICT related equipment to institutions for special persons. The basic objective of  such special projects is to help people with disabilities overcome their disability and assist them to compete on even basis with their non-disabled peers by using Telecom and e-services.

Universal Service Fund (USF) is also encouraging its contractors to go for Alternative Energy Solutions like Solar so that at least a few hundred radio base stations start running with alternate sources of energy.

Challenge before USF is to achieve the targets through an efficient and transparent competitive bidding process. Therefore, all disbursements of the fund are done through competitive bidding, encouraging full competition among telecom licensees. Request for proposals for projects and procuring official items/consultancy services are made in complete conformity with PPRA Rules. These advertisements are released in newspapers and USF and PPRA Websites. USF is audited twice a year by professional external auditors. So far, no objection has been raised after any audit of the company.



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